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Change Lottie Animations

First you will need a new Lottie animation. You can visit to download animation you like in a JSON format. Drag & Drop the Json Lottie file from Finder directly in your project -> Lottie folder group. In the example bellow we use a json Lottie file called bluewaves. -> Change it with the…

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Custom Json REST API url

If you want to have a custom API address Go to Plugins -> Plugin Editor -> Select plugin to edit: MyCar4Sale -> Select In the editor at line 145 replace rest and api with your own. -> Than Update File to save the changes. Test your new json, and don’t forget to update JSONViewModel.swift

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Global Styling Modifiers

If they are global that mean we make the changes in one place and applies everywhere where they are used. To edit a modifier right click on the modifier and select -> Jump to Definition. The view will jump directly to the swift file where is defined. There you can edit and save the file.…

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Add/Edit Blog Categories

Data contained in our JSON is being saved in our app’s CoreData in SQLite format. In order to sort our CD entries we have to specify exactly the value of our saved Strings. The value we are interested in is the Name: “Car Tuning”, “Electric Cars”, “News” and “Uncategorised”. Open BlogView.swift and edit this section…

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