My name is Marius

Founder & developer

I am a passionate IOS developer and would like to share with you my work and my future projects. Six months per year I dedicate my time in learning and testing the latest design trends on the market. I hope you enjoy my apps!  Stay tuned for the upcoming updates.

About my work

Developing complex projects from scratch can require a lot of work and time for a single developer to accomplish in a short time. With the right amount of perseverance and dedication, you can accomplish great things you could not imagine. Developing and designing apps for IOS devices was and remain for me a continuous precess of learning and having fun at the same time.


2010 - Web Design on request

Here i started, and continue for few years, to desing websites on request. Pure HTML, CSS, Joomla and WordPress

2016 - Start to learn and test some programing languages.

My favourite from the beginning: Swift!

2018 - First IOS Game in the App Store

XtraDice - After a period of self learning, this game was a proof for me that i can make it to the App Store. The app had some success in the beginning, for my own pride.

2021 - Here I am!

This year we plan to build IOS companion app for MYLISTING theme with all 3 sub-themes: MyCar, MyHouse, MyListing (Places+Jobs+Events)

2020 - I wanted a BIG project just for me

One day I was surfing ThemeForest.net looking for a WordPress Theme which can become an IOS app. This is how I find MYLISTING Theme, and I have started to work wright away!