1.2 Install our custom Plugin

  1. Navigate to: Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Chose File

2. Next browse the downloaded folder of your purchase and chose MyHouse4Sale_Plugin.zip

3. After the process finishes activate the plugin.

4. Test your plugin by visiting in a web browser this addresses

4.1 For listings: http://yourwebsite.com/wp-json/rest/api

4.1 For blog posts: http://yourwebsite.com/wp-json/rest/api/blog

5. For testing purposes you can compare with ours: https://wordpress.myproperty.swiftuisoft.com/wp-json/rest/api and …/rest/api/blog

6. For a better overview you can copy and paste your Json at http://jsonviewer.stack.hu First paste the code in the Text tab, then switch to View tab, you should get something like this:

7. Final step here is to make sure all the fields have a valid existing value. Set your fields in a way that users can not input letters where a number should be. All the fields witch have a number are treated as Integers. 0 (zero) is accepted.

8. For BLOG only requirement is that all posts must have a featured image.

8. Save your API link. The link we just visited, Ex: http://yourwebsite.com/wp-json/rest/api we going to use-it later in the configuration of the app in Xcode.

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